Ihti Anderson is a talented artist and designer who has gained recognition for his unique and captivating exhibitions and shows using black light UV technology. Ihti Anderson's black light UV exhibitions and shows create mesmerizing and immersive experiences that transport the viewer into a new and exciting world of fluorescent art.

These shows have been presented in galleries, museums, and festivals worldwide, showcasing Ihti Anderson's skill in creating beautiful and engaging works.
We invite you to explore and experience Ihti Anderson's black light UV exhibitions and shows and discover the magic of this innovative and exciting art form.

Hand painted

UV-Magic Store

In our magic store, you will find artfully executed artworks of Ihti Anderson printed on textile satin canvases using advanced fluorescent printing technologies. The print quality satisfies even the most demanding customers. These arts will fill your space with the magic of fluorescent colors.



We are from Ukraine

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