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In this section you can find an information about our art and services that we can provide ....
Mainly we focus in decorations indoor and outdoor. We make decorations for , parties , festivals ,different music events and exhibitions, around the globe. Also we paint by order, on clothes.backdrops and canvases.Airbrushing on cars , motorbikes, boards , helmets and anything that you could think of. Digital design is also a big aspect in our creativity.

Wear design (hand painted)

 Hand-painted clothing

One of the oldest lines of my work is the art of hand-painted clothing .For me , it has always been the practice of the different styles, and combination of different elements. Practice as an art and design . I can say that , thanks to the creation of exclusive clothes I raised my level of drawing and explored such a wide range of styles and Patterns and as far as  I developed a high-speed  and perseverance - which is one of the most important qualities for an artist in my opinion grew with me. At this stage of my life, I can not afford constantly do it, for the simple reason , that I have a much more serious  projects . But I occasionally go back to my practice and create a new exclusive hand-painted items . Throughout my artistic journey, I was creating unique items for design and painting which used various techniques such as airbrushing and plotter cutting. We complement hoodies and shirts using reflective film , crystals and other interesting solutions.  Every thing is handmade and is created in a single copy. Each of these art pieces has an extraordinary individual value and style.
I might add , that these art pieces that were produced in past and in the future will be produced less and less due to our rapid and transient time. So that the owners of products with hand-painted art pieces by Ihtianderson can consider themselves lucky. And for those for whom I did not have the time and energy I offer my profound apology.

Digital Ganesh
Hand made hoode