In this section you can find information and illustrations of our Decorations, as well as an example of one of my deco Projects.
  If you are interested in our services and you want to invite us to a festival or other event, please read the information in - our participation

Our Deco

In our decorations  we use stretchable transparent materias fully painted with airbrush and brush,  

that we install in  layers which create a 3D effect. We as well use other objects like crystals - this way it creats a 3D structures . It seems that the drawings are nearly floating in the air. Our decorations are very light, strong and resistant to strong winds, fast to install, and of course detailed and unique.

We Create Gallery Spaces with our Art and inviting UV Artists to Collaborate in the Gallery Spaces.

We make art performances, workshops and lectures raising awarness through art.

 Each year we try to come with new optical ideas,  but the most important is the atmosphere of hamony and magic that we are triing to pass over to the exploring audience. We create an atmosphere, a space where people

loose themself in time and space, a window to a different dimension  .

 With our design we try to create a harmonical psychedelic wide picture where people can

relax, observe , meditate , explore and get inspired.

Our deco- trimurti 2013
 Our deco- centaurus and Ihti