In this section you can find information and illustrations of our Decorations, as well as an example of one of my deco Projects.
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Deco projects

Deco project

To all the organizers of the Music and Art World.

Here we present to you examples of our previous projects. A 3D models ( simulations)- to give you the Idea of how your event will look before we start our work on your event . For each created 3D Model we spend between 2weeks time to one month , depends on how complicated and big your event is. And this is not even counting the time of the creating process that could take a few months.

For each project we describe the amount of materials that we would need and our capabilities. Our projects are very flexible and can be also used as an exhibition space on the nature or indoors, partly or fully. This is just an example of what is possible.

 We have 10 years of experience  in decorating events, parties and festivals.

During that time we realized that for many festivals it is very important to get a detailed plan of the deco, but in practice it turns out that sometimes things have to be changed and decorators have to improvise with the material that they have.

 We can do both. The organizers can get from us a detailed plan of the structure for the dance floor and the stage, but if it will be necessary we can freely improvise and show great flexibility, thanks to the materials which we work with. We can combine our materials  in different way, and each time the result of the work looks different.

So  each event looks absolutely different  and that what we like the most about it .


 We use mainly stretching translucent materials painted with an airbrush and brush in our own original style. We stretch our materials, creating a multi-layered 3D installation. So - it seems that the multi-layered light and harmonious image almost floating in the air, and these decorations perfectly blend with my deep and detailed paintings that are completely painted by hand. Every year we try to present and surprise people with new optical solutions, and the most important thing for us is the atmosphere of harmony and magic, that we are looking to create. Space where people can relax, explore , meditate and get inspired.


Ozora chill out 2015- Hungary
Ozora chill out 2015- Hungary