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In this section you will find information about me and about my Projects. As well as information about my beloved wife and our joint Projects. You may notice that the description of the projects  and all the notes I write "WE". When I write we, I mean me and my family, because they are very helpful to me and inspire me alot.

Event List

2016 Summer Festival Review- In a working process
It has been an interesting year for Me and our Team.
It has started with my first teaching experience at the Visionary Art Academy of Vienna .- where I discovered the whole importance of sharing knowledge working with experienced and non experienced students, some had real talent . It was interesting to see how fast they absorb the information and use it in their art works.
Mundo De Oz - Magical Location.( Brazil)
Was a not traditional experience for us , But as we heart from our crew , the Festival grew a lot this year but there was not enough tools and equipment to work with .
So it was not so easy to work.
So we wish this Festival to get better prepared for their rapid growing.
Antaris (Germany)- It was a great work and a very important project for us. As in our opinion Antaris project one of the oldest and more experienced crews . It was an honor working with them the second year in a raw .
To this event we sent Peter Schäffer and Clemens Schmidt to do the Installation , and in our opinion they made a great Job . Many people wrote to us a lot of positive comments regarding the Decoration at Antaris event.


WAO-Italy- Second year edition , a young festival , had been unlucky with a strong storm at their event.
the Bamboo constructions had been unprepared for such a strong wind . We wish them more Luck in the coming summer.


Ozora- ( Hungary)It was a Chill out Dom Decorations this year again, amazing huge structure .
Our Team Centaurus Artur Fractals (Viktoria and Arthur) and Sporaadicts EtnoOrganical Designers( Robert and Marietal)
Managed Great!! Arthur and Viktoria work with us for many years and know Our work well!!
Thank you Ozora for giving trust in our work !

Lost Theory- (Spain)There We presented a "Visionarium" UV Cinema art Gallery Project.- the open air gallery under the proper strecheble tent comes out really cozy and nice space where people enjoyed the art.It was the most shaded spot at the Festival .
In the next coming years this project will Include guests artists. Which will give workshops share their knowledge and experience. we will include VR Gallery - with googles .


Psy Fi (Netherlands)- Revital Chernis my wife ! had the experience to manage the Decorative side of the Alternative floor of psy fi festival .
We were happy to work once again with this beautiful festival.

Aurora (Spain)- Was our Spanish experience festival at the mountains of Barcelona just next to our house. It was more like a friends Party , Nice people Friendly Vibe. We are trying to support and participate in Spanish festivals and even not big open air partys and give them our visionary touch. And People from this part of the world appreciate good art and artists, and they do it in very worm and friendly Spanish stile.

Etherial Decebil- It was a nice Experience of Big open air festival in France .
All seems to go Great. 


Odysee- It seems that Odysee caring on with their Art New Year event edition . Marco had prepared the Space .

Personal Art Workshop - In our house For Very Interesting an unique girl Sasha Kushch , first time in my life I saw a person who is so Desperate for knowledge and Art Experience .
she was working 12-14 hours a Day .
It was amazing to see how Hyperactivity of the brain can be directed in the right way and can bring great result.

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And a big Bow to her mother Larisa Kusch that puts tremendous efforts ,

traveling everywhere with her supporting her 16 year old daughter .

Big thanks to our Team- Centaurus Artur Fractals, Macro Zeta, Peter Schäffer, Clemens Schmidt,Revital Chernis,Sporaadicts EtnoOrganical Designers, Organizers , Artists and Followers.

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It was an Intensive working year for us But it was great))) 

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